Spoorthy - 2014

All the students are hereby informed that jnv gajner alumni association


is going to publish its annual magazi..

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We, JNV Gajner Alumni Association, take this opportunity to invite all our pass out for the Alumni 2014, the old students reunion.

The ..

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Welcome to Alumni of JNV Gajner

JNV Bikaner Alumni Association  is a committee of ex-students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Gajner , Bikaner..

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Today we can proudly announce that we have channelized and systemically our entire institutions’ operations and mechanism.After a long research and in depth consultations with experts on the subjects, we have devised this platform and no stone left upturned for smoothly and effectively penetration of our services to each and every navodayan regardless of physical boundaries, because we have a sense of gratitude of paying back what we have inherited from JNV System.


New Rising (Navodayans) of JNV Gajner comes togther................. we are here to create a difference by giving something to society.

we pray almighty god may raise us to the stature that we can give more to our society for what we have taken from it and serve the people and leave a better legacy for our coming generation.

We Are:
We the New Rising ( Navodayans) of JNV Gajner stood together and resolved to following aims:
  • It is purely a nonpolitical and welfare association .
  • To develop a communication between pass outs of navodaya because we spread in all over the India and working in almost every field of profession.
  • To motivate the talent in navodaya .
  • To award the talent of navodaya as best student, best sports person, toppers from various board exams and any other performance .
  • To motivate and sponsor the research work for development of result and output of navodaya that can be made in various field as sports, education, social relationship education system of navodaya and many issues based on teachers of navodaya .
  • To motivate and boost up the public from district about navodaya so that we can find more talent as our junior .
  • To provide scholarship to poor and needy pass outs students from navodaya .

We the Navodayans always known for their talent, discipline and commitment.
We are here to create a platform for present and future generations coming to flourish the culture of JNV Gajner. We have taken this noble cause to utmost priority to ensure the communication and coordination which is key to functioning of any organisation. This platform is open to any one subject to past association with Navodaya vidyalaya directly or indirectly.

The JNV Gajner was earlier functioning in a government school premises now shifted to lush green campus on NH-15. It was started in 23 dec 1993 and first passout batch was in 1999. the first five batches worked hard to glorify this school alongwith their contemporary staff. Today we are satisfied that we did a lot for our school and lot more is still left to do.