To establish A excellent  alumni group:

As we all know that we are a group of approximate 2000 alumni and students across India wherein nearly 100 students get added every year and a very few efforts have been taken to bring them all under one umbrella however with no or little success. So once again with great valor and determination, our committee has decided to make that dream possible for all JNV well-wishers, students, alumni, parents and teachers. we want to create a platform for the alumni of JNV to encourage collaboration and partnership among themselves and also with the institution and the society, by establishing and renewing contacts with the alumni all over the world. We intend to sustain this movement continuously so that the brand of JNV is well established Nationwide. We JNVians has the potential to become world’s largest and strongest alumni group with the best part being that 80 percent of students and alumni are from the rural areas. No one can understand the pain and misery of people living in rural areas of our country better than we JNVians because we have lived both the life of a villager as well as a successful individual leading a modern lifestyle. If we be determined together then we can certainly change the future of modern India. So let’s show up the power, determination, valor and unity of JNV to the world and make the dream come true of being the largest and strongest alumni association.

  • To maintain effective networking among alumni.
  • No membership fees
  • To help JNV students in finding jobs and intern-ship for their career growth.
  • Provisioning of scholarship for top performing student.
  • To organize  carrier fairs for present and recently passout students.